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I was born in Tyrol in 1989. After graduating from the Technical High School in Innsbruck, I worked as a radio engineer for a couple of years. In 2009 I tackled my ambition as music photographer in the local venues of  western Austria. In 2013 I moved to Vienna to study Communication Sciences and continue my work as a freelance photojournalist.

Long before I picked up the camera I was honing my skills on the guitar’s fretboard. With the band we formed in High School we did some RATM and QOTSA covers. Unfortunately my musician career never took off, mainly because I switched into another artistic genre. Also I love any board sport. Surfing my first waves in 2015 completely blew my mind. Photojournalism has always fascinated me, simply because images are quite good storytellers. Latest in my media studies I caught fire for the urgent topics of this age.

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Altough I am the guy with the camera, I don’t want to be the “guy with the camera”. I am one of you. Unsuspicious. I just need a mechanical device to help me remember, thats all. I believe that nature is beatiful as it is, therefore the computer takes no part in the creative process. Even if there is digital image sensors and whatnot. See – and send a impulse to the muscle. That’s about it.

In my perfect world, I would be given the time to just head out with my film camera, shoot that roll, develop in my bathroom – and be confident of my product. But the times have changed – and so has the speed of our lifes. Actually less the speed of our lives, but the speed at wich we demand results. Therefore – there is no film in my camera anymore for most professional assignments.

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